The future of
wave technology

The ocean forces that are present around the World are incredibly powerful and consistent, but as yet an energy source that is unused. Wave‑tricity was born with a mission to develop a commercially viable, real world, wave energy convertor – and with over 100 years of ocean experience within our team, we know what it takes to survive and work within such a hostile environment. 

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Ocean Wave Rower

Wave-tricity, the inventor, owner and developer of our patented device, is currently undertaking development of its technology; technology that will finally make use of the worldwide resource of wave energy estimated to be greater than 2TW.  

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Potential power generation from 10 OUP’s *   000

*One year Case Study – Power generated, second by second, from 10 OUP’s for an island nation.


Wave-tricity has created a deliverable and flexible generation platform that has both domestic and international markets. This first commercially viable wave energy convertor offers global markets a low cost, low maintenance device that has been designed to overcome the challenges of the open sea. Allowing Island and Coastal nations to utilise the sea as part of their energy generation mix, it also serves as a disaster relief platform, a desalination and waste water production plant.

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About us

The Wave-tricity team has been sourced due to their exemplary track record of working in harsh, high pressure rapid turnaround situations with a particular focus on working at sea and all that entails, and with over 100 years of ocean vessel experience between them they understand what it takes to survive and work in such a hostile environment.

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