Ocean Wave Rower

Simplicity – Robustness – Versatility – Portability

Such competing parameters come together within the Ocean Wave Rower to create the World’s most useable multi-use wave energy platform. 

“wave energy has not failed, it has just found 10,000 ways that don’t work – so far

Taking experience from the team and their ocean-going lives and overlaying that upon the failures of wave energy to date, the team focussed on real world survivability as their first goal.  Whilst efficiency and ‘unique’ thinking is the norm for development of wave energy devices, Wave-tricity focussed on survivability and low maintenance, these two combined give a greater availability uptime for the device and in so doing bring about a lower cost of energy, greater dependability and a more useful customer operating window.

Utilising well understood, reliable, robust and tuneable components allows the Ocean Wave Rower to capture and convert the natural motion of the ocean into useable dependable power through innovative use of known technology, nothing ‘whizzy’ just solid reliable engineering.

Material selection for best usage at sea was also imperative across all areas of product development.  Turning away from the ‘standard’ material set, the Ocean Wave Rower finds improvements in both the longest period without maintenance whilst minimising any impact on our oceans, with the ultimate aim of being completely neutral within its operating environment or better.